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Update on Water Taste and Odor

The safety of our drinking water supply is and will remain our highest priority for the 200,000+ persons we serve every day. In late summer/early fall, we detected a finished water taste and odor concern, the cause of which was and is primarily environmental. As a direct result, York Water began adding activated carbon to reduce aesthetic detection and we initiated a sampling regimen to reaffirm the safety of both the source and treated water. Water quality has remained high, but we recognize that many of our customers have detected a taste and/or odor and some of our customers have experienced this over an extended period. As of the date of this notice, we continue to closely monitor the taste and aroma of the water product we are treating and delivering. The York Water Company’s water product quality has not wavered through this event, in that it has and continues to meet or exceed all regulations and standards for water quality, but we also recognize that the aesthetics have been less than appealing to some.

We are keenly aware that our water typically and consistently does not have a taste or odor, unfortunately the weather patterns that contributed to this event remain present, namely, drought. Year to date, our area is at a 17” precipitation deficit, which is a significant contributor in many ways to the taste and odor issue some may be experiencing. We are working around the clock to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality and best tasting water we can deliver.

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