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Annual Hydrant Flushing

Annual Hydrant Flushing

Each year, The York Water Company flushes the hydrants within our territory. This important annual system maintenance is completed in a systematic way and is generally completed overnight to minimize the impact on our customers. This annual process is essential to reliably provide high quality, safe drinking water.

Why do we flush our hydrants?

Flushing is the most efficient way to move a large amount of water and helps to expel natural mineral deposits and sediment that accumulate in the pipes. Flushing also provides operational confirmation of our hydrant performance and pressurized fire protection flow capacity system-wide.

What is involved when we flush our hydrants and what can you expect?

Flushing involves simultaneously opening fire hydrants in a specific area, which is preplanned and coordinated by our Distribution Department team. The flushing schedule for The York Water Company can be found here.

When our team is in your area flushing, you may notice a temporary drop in water pressure or discolored water. This is normal is not harmful. Simply let your water run, ideally in your bathtub, until it runs clear once more. This should take no more than 10 minutes.

What can be done to prepare for flushing?

Most customers do not notice anything as a result of flushing. However, if you are concerned, we encourage all customers to review the flushing schedule and note the dates when our team is scheduled to be in your neighborhood. While our team will be working overnight, you may consider the following ways to minimize the impact on your daily activities:

  • Run water in your tub or shower for 2 minutes before using water the morning after flushing activities.
  • Draw water for cooking ahead of time.
  • Store a large bottle of water in the refrigerator for drinking first thing in the morning.
  • Check for discolored water before using the washing machine or dishwasher.

If your laundry becomes stained during a period of flushing, DO NOT USE BLEACH AND DO NOT PUT YOUR LAUNDRY IN THE DRYER. Rewash your clothes immediately using more detergent and add a rust remover.


Still have questions?

Our Customer Service team is ready to help. You will find them at 717-845-3601 or