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Backflow Information

What is backflow?

Backflow is the undesired reverse of water flow in a water line. It can pollute your drinking water and is a serious public health hazard.

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Information for York Water Customers

What are cross connections?

Cross connections can cause backflow to occur. A cross connection is an actual or potential connection between your water line and a non-potable water supply. Without protection, common cross connections can pollute your water.

These are some common cross connections:

  • A garden hose submerged in liquid, like a bucket or a swimming pool, or attached to a chemical sprayer
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Boilers and HVAC systems
  • In-ground lawn sprinklers
  • Fountain soda machines

Here are some ways that you can prevent backflow:

  • Install a vacuum breaker on all hose bibs.
  • Make sure a backflow device is properly installed and it is functioning correctly.
  • Contact York Water to ask questions you have about backflow.

What is the Cross Connection Control Program?

The York Water Company has a Cross Connection Control Program as required by the Environmental Protection Agency, PA Department of Protection, and the Public Utility Commission.

The Cross Connection Control Program requires the following:

  • York Water will provide backflow preventers for residential services lines smaller than 1.5-inches in diameter.
  • All commercial, industrial, and bulk water customers must install an approved backflow prevention device. The device must be consistent with the degree of hazard, as defined by The York Water Company, at the service connection.
  • The installation, care, maintenance, and repair of backflow devices are at the Customer’s expense.
  • Commercial, industrial and fire service line customers shall provide for the testing, maintenance, and repair of backflow devices. These services must be provided by a certified backflow prevention assembly technician at least once a year or whenever failure has occurred or is suspected in order to maintain the devices in satisfactory operating condition.
  • Commercial, industrial and fire service line customers shall also provide, through a certified backflow prevention assembly technician, for the overhaul or replacement of such devices if they are found to be defective. Records of such tests, repairs, overhauls, and replacements shall be submitted by the Customer to the York Water Company.
  • Commercial, industrial and fire service line customers shall be responsible for maintaining records of such tests and related maintenance for a period of the most recent three (3) years.

Information for Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Contractors

Three people concentrate on their work with pipes and backflow devices.

Did you know York Water hosts backflow certification classes?

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Thank you for helping The York Water Company establish this program and for helping to ensure the safety of York Water’s drinking water.

Submit a Backflow Test Report

The York Water Company has contracted with VEPO CrossConnex to administer the Cross Connection Control Program and backflow assembly test tracking.

All annual backflow assembly test reports must be submitted electronically via the VEPO CrossConnex Mobile Application (you can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) or from any PC by visiting and following the directions for creating a tester account.

  • Contractor Credentials: When you register with VEPO Cross Connex, your credentials must be up to date. Each tester must have a backflow tester license.
  • Access to Customer Records: To submit an electronic report, you must obtain your customer’s VEPO CrossConnex (VCC) Number. You will need the VCC# to access the customer’s records.
  • Test Due Date: The York Water Company requires commercial and industrial customers to submit their backflow test every 12 months, from the date of the last previous test.
  • Filing Fees: The filing fee for the backflow report submittal is $15.00 per test report. It is paid by the credit card that the contractor uses to establish a VEPO Cross Connex account. The fee is taken at the time of the backflow report submittal.
  • Contractor Benefits: Once established, test due notices will be emailed to both the tester of record and the owner. The company name and the phone number of the tester of record will also be listed on the customer notice, helping customers reach you quickly.

It is our goal to create a completely paperless process in the coming years. 

VEPO CrossConnex Assistance

If you need help setting up your profile with VEPO CrossConnex after downloading the application or you have technical questions regarding the software, please call VEPO CrossConnex at 877-860-2776 or email for assistance.

Educational videos on how to set up and use the app can be found here.

Backflow Tester Credentials and Certification

York Water recognizes the following courses for Certified Backflow Testing:

  • New England Water Works Association
  • Maryland Plumbing Board, University of Maryland
  • Backflow Management, Inc. (BMI)
  • Harrisburg Local Union #520
  • ASSE – American Society of Sanitary Engineering

Upcoming Certification Classes

Registration is open for the New England Water Works Association’s Backflow Prevention Device Courses that will be proudly hosted at The York Water Company.

  • 1-Day Backflow Prevention Device Tester Recertification Review Course
  • 4-Day Backflow Prevention Device Inspectors/Tester Training

All registrations can be made directly with NEWWA.

Dates and links are provided below.


1-Day Backflow Prevention Device Tester Recertification Review Course

Thursday, May 23, 2024 and Monday, September 23, 2024

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

The York Water Company, 1801 Mount Rose Avenue, York, PA 17403

Registration links are provided below.


4-Day Backflow Prevention Device Tester Certification Training

Tuesday, September 24-Friday, September 27, 2024

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

The York Water Company, 1801 Mount Rose Avenue, York, PA 17403

Register here: 4-Day Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester Training


The York Water Company Assistance

For any questions outside the test form submission process, you can call The York Water Company at 717-718-2972 or 717-718-7555.

Please contact VEPO at 877-860-2776 or at with any technical questions on how to use the software.