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The York Water Company lifts mandatory nonessential water use restriction; voluntary water use restriction continues

The York Water Company is lifting its mandatory restriction on water use within its service territory in York, Adams, Lancaster and Franklin Counties.

In early September, the Company’s Lake Redman reservoir was swiftly being depleted with very high customer use and high evaporation rate due to sustained hot and humid weather, and almost no precipitation since the July 4 weekend. The Company turned to its Drought Plan and initiated pumping from the Susquehanna River and received temporary and limited relief from PA DEP due to the emergency. These actions, along with the conservation efforts of our customers and some periodic precipitation since provides sufficient confidence at this time that the Company will have the necessary water supply to meet the needs of its customers.

JT Hand, President and CEO of York Water said, “We thank our great customers for reducing their water usage and we are very appreciative that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has been supportive of our efforts and the welfare of our community. DEP authorized us to reduce our mandatory conservation passby and issued a Drought Warning for York County based upon precipitation patterns over the past 12 months. Along with the recent 3.4” of rain in December, these two key actions have assisted us in recovering water storage in Lake Redman. In early September the reservoir was down by as much as 7.5’. The Lake Redman Reservoir is once again full.”

York Water thanks the team of employees who kept the water running in your taps and in our streams throughout this extraordinary time. These employees worked 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep water in our customers’ taps. Thanks also goes to their families for their work to support our community.

The York Water Company reminds all community members to remain conscious of their water usage, especially under the current Voluntary Use Restrictions as our region continues to be in a drought with an overall precipitation deficit of 15.4” year to date.

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