Customer Assistance Programs

Need help paying your York Water Company water or wastewater bill?

There are programs to assist customers who may need a helping hand after falling behind on paying their water or wastewater bill.


York Water Customer Assistance Program (CAP) provides an alternative to traditional collection methods for low income customers that have fallen behind on their water bills.

The program is designed to….

  1. Make water service more affordable to low income customers.
  2. Reduce water usage.
  3. Provide a cost effective means of collections.
  4. Reduce past due amounts.

If you are identified as needing minor plumbing repairs, York Water may enlist a local plumber to make minor repairs at no cost to the customer. A water usage audit and on-site visit(s) from York Water personnel will be needed to verify.

Who can apply?

Customers whose past due amounts have exceeded $100 or more for a period of five (5) successive months could be eligible for CAP.


Call 717-845-3601 or email for more information.


NOTICE: Due to great customer demand, we have exhausted all available funds for 2023 for our York Water Cares Program. Please contact our Customer Service department to discuss other options.


York Water Cares (YWC) is a program which provides limited funding, which is payable through community agencies, to those who need help paying their York Water Company water bill.

The York Water Company has been helping customers with their water bills and plumbing concerns since 2005.

Although this program is designed to help low-income customers, it may also be helpful to customers who have a short-term challenge in making ends meet and need assistance paying their water bill.

This program is only available one time per year for a customer that qualifies.

Who can apply?

  • You must be a residential water or sewer customer of York Water.
  • You must be unable to pay your full water bill.
  • You must be at risk of having your water shut off due to non-payment.

How does it work?

If you meet the requirements….

  1. You should contact our Customer Service team at 717-845-3601 or and ask about our Low Income and Customer Assistance Program. We will let you know if an area agency is participating and if they have funds available.
  2. Contact the agency and set up an appointment. They may want you to bring a current water bill or shut-off notice, as well as proof of income for the last two months.
  3.  The agency will review your payment history, proof of income, and how much you owe on your water bill. The agency may also discuss water-saving tips and other ways to reduce future water bills.
  4. You must prove to the agency that you have paid or can pay 25% of the past due amount owed.
  5.  If approved by the agency, and if funds are available, they may make a contribution of up to $200 towards your water bill’s past due amount.
  6.  The agency will notify us if they choose to make a payment (which will pause any shut-off process) and then the agency will send York Water Company the funds directly.

Will this pay my whole water bill?

Probably not. You will have to show the agency that you can pay or have paid 25% of the past due amount. Once you have done that, the agency may be able to pay up to $200 towards your past due water bill.

Are funds always available?

No, an agency may run out of assistance funds. If they do, we can check to see if another agency has any funds remaining and available.


Call 717-845-3601 or email for more information.


The PAHAF program has temporarily paused the acceptance of new applications. Previously submitted applications are continuing to be reviewed. For questions about a previously submitted PAHAF application, please contact or call 1-888-987-2423.


What is PAHAF? The Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund (PAHAF) is administered by Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) and supports homeowners in the Commonwealth who were financially impacted due to the pandemic.

Who can apply?

Click here for guidelines and criteria on eligibility for PAHAF.

How do I apply?

The registration application can be found at

What do I do after I have applied?

Please email or call York Water Customer Service at or 717-845-3601 to let us know you have applied. We will put a note on your account to put a hold on the water shut-off process.