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Roving Laborer



Work Schedule

Full Time




Distribution Center

Position Reports To

Distribution Superintendent

Position Summary

SUMMARY:  Performs general labor and other work as assigned in or about all departments.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Shovels, picks, bars, grease gun, lawn mowers, trimmers, brooms, fire hoses, rakes, paintbrushes, miscellaneous hand tools, etc.

MATERIALS: Paint, gasoline, lubricants, chemicals, dirt, water, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES In addition to Laborer Class I duties and responsibilities the following special duties and conditions apply.  Other duties may be assigned.

  1. For administrative purposes such as, but not limited to, vacation, payroll, etc. the employee will be assigned to the Distribution Department.
  2. Fills in and performs duties in all Departments as assigned with at least 12 hours notice.
  3. There is a possibility that shift work would be involved, in which case notice per the contract would be given or a premium as specified would be paid.
  4. The Roving Laborer would report to the Department to which assigned and would work the hours that the Department normally works unless the assignment is of an emergency nature, in which case the hours would be as assigned.
  5. The Roving Laborer would be subject to call outs for emergencies in any Department.
  6. No matter which Department is involved, the title and classification would be Roving Laborer unless the Roving Laborer is assigned to a higher classified job.
  7. In the event of layoffs, for seniority purposes the Roving Laborer will be considered to be a member of the Distribution Department.
  8. Subject to call outs for emergencies as required.
  9. When the Roving Laborer is assigned to the Distribution Department, call out and overtime work is mandatory at times and the sign up sheets must be signed as required for this purpose.


Note:   None of the above precludes the right of the Company to temporarily assign other employees to a department other than the employee’s normal department as has been the case in the past.

This is a Collective Bargaining Unit position