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Work Schedule

Full Time




Distribution Center

Position Reports To

Distribution Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent

Position Summary

SUMMARY:  Performs general labor work for the Distribution Department.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Shovel, picks, bars, etc.

MATERIALS: Dirt, water and attendant supplies.

Duties and Responsibilities

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Performs excavation work such as digging ditches and trenches.
  2. Assists Distribution maintenance man, meter repairman and utilityman in performance of their duties as assigned.
  3. Performs general cleanup work.
  4. Keeps tools clean and in working order.
  5. Performs other general laboring work as directed.
  6. Assists a semi-skilled laborer or utilityman in the operation of the push machine and small tap machine.
  7. Operates jack hammers, tampers, etc.
  1. Call out and overtime work is mandatory at times and the sign up sheets must be signed as required for this purpose.
  2. Subject to call outs for emergencies as required.

This is a Collective Bargaining Unit position