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Filter Plant Technician – Class IV



Work Schedule

Full Time

Position Open



Treatment operators


Filter Plant

Position Reports To

Purification Superintendent or Assistant Purification Superintendent

Position Summary

Primary function is to properly operate Filter Plant and Raw Water Pumping Station. Works alone or directs helpers and other workmen as required. It is recognized the operator is without direction most of the time.

Duties and Responsibilities

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Anticipates changes in weather, water supply quantity and quality and consumption needs and controls plant accordingly.
  2. Responsible for observing any unusual conditions in the water; such as objectionable tastes and odors, changes in acidity, alkalinity, turbidity, color, residual chlorine, manganese, etc., and either makes the necessary adjustments to treatment or calls for assistance.
  3. Performs various routine physical, chemical and microbiological tests.
  4. Controls the amount of chemicals being fed at the Filter Plant and Pumping Station.
  5. Receives chemical and freight deliveries as necessary.
  6. Fills chemical hopper at the Filter Plant if bulk handling equipment is not operational.
  7. Maintains chemical lines as required.
  8. Monitors, operates and washes filters.
  9. Observes SCADA equipment, gauges and recorders and keeps necessary records and logs.
  10. Operates pumps, engines and valves as necessary.
  11. Responsible for observing any unusual circumstances in the automatic equipment as rounds are made and responsible for reporting same.
  12. Makes minor adjustments to equipment; such as pumps, stuffing box, etc.
  13. Maintains cleanliness of instrument panels, meters, work places, and such other areas as are used in day-to-day work.
  14. Performs miscellaneous duties; such as, collecting plant samples, distribution samples, changing charts, etc.
  15. When not operating, performs general laboring as required including but not limited to; painting, cleaning, repairing, etc.
  16. In the absence of the Assistant to the Superintendent, performs all laboratory work.
  17. Assists in guiding tours through the plant when scheduled and during Open House.
  18. Assists the maintenance men when needed.
  19. In the absence of the maintenance man, is expected to perform light maintenance duties.
  20. Changes empty chlorine cylinders.
  21. Answers phone calls in a courteous manner, responding appropriately to emergencies and complaints.
  22. During hours when the office is not open, dispatches servicemen in accordance with instructions of the Distribution Superintendent or his Assistant.
  23. Responds to plant and utility emergencies as described in Standard Operating Procedures developed at Filter Plant.
  24. Monitors tank levels and other system information and alert proper personnel to abnormalities or problems.
  25. Visually monitors the security of the finished water storage area.
  26. Cooperates with and supports the Company’s security service as required and outlined in Company’s Standard Operating Procedures.

The job description which appears above is intended to be sufficient merely to identify the position and should not be interpreted to describe all of the duties performance of which may be required of employees holding such position.

This is a Collective Bargaining Unit position