Rate Case 2022

The York Water Company Files Rate Request Driven by $176 Million in Investment

On May 27, 2022, The York Water Company filed a rate adjustment request with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission reflecting $176 million in water and wastewater system investments to be made through February 2024 to continue providing safe and reliable service. The company continues to make investments to replace aging infrastructure, comply with water quality and environmental regulations, and meet customers’ water and wastewater service needs. Read the full press release here.


As part of this filing, the company’s Statement of Reasons, Supplement No. 143 to Tariff Water-PA P.U.C. No. 14, and Supplement No. 14 to Tariff Wastewater-PA P.U.C. No. 1 are available to view at the links below.



To find out more about how you can participate in this rate process, contact the PUC, or refer to the information provided in the customer notice mailed to you. All of the documents that are part of this rate case can be found on the PUC website. The docket number for this case is R-2022-3031340.